Small preview of my photo book "Sixth Sense". 

The signed book  by KANT publishing house with the texts of Terezie Zemánková and Bruno Montpied, 173 pages in three languages, 23 × 21 cm.

Petra Šimková perfectly expressed the principle behind her art in the French title for one of her pieces, Captive insaisi- ssable - "capturing the elusive." The title de ned the photographic series from the year 2000 with which she concluded her ne art studies at the Sorbonne. Ever since then, her work has been driven by a desire to capture elusive feelings and emotions through photomontage. Šimková's aesthetic approach reflects the fragile and transparent nature of stained glass - which she began to take an interest in while in Paris - and thus followed on her past experience with etching, painting, and shaping glass, which she studied at the Secondary Technical School of Glass Arts in Kamenický Šenov.

Petra Šimková's "cruel-yet-gentle" photographic self-portraits are created as kind of intimate diary in which her body language reveals her innermost feelings, desires, and premonitions. Using digital photomontage, she combines her time-exposure nudes with photographs of natural structures and urban environments taken at two places closely associated with her life - Prague and the tropical island of Bali

The aesthetics and dynamics of her photo-images are deeply influenced by techno music, which for her is more than mere musical inspiration.

Terezie Zemánková