I was born in Prague in the hot July 1976, and even though it was still communist times, thanks to my parents my childhood was happy, filled with drawing, painting, Lego and also photography.

After Kamenická Šenov glassmaking high school, my big dream came true while studying in Paris. First ENSAMA in the field of stained glass then at the Sorbonne, where I dealt with the tasks mainly with photographs, also inserting my previous experience with glass.

It was at the Sorbonne in 2000 that my art photography began in a series of self-portraits by Captive Insaisissable in translation Captive Elusive. At first I only wanted to capture the light, avoiding the effects in the dark. I really enjoyed this experience of taking pictures on analog, sometimes it happened that the developed photos showed fragments of my body. Gradually the roles changed and eventually a kind of dialogue started between the photographer and the model in one person. This mission even became not only my final work but also my highly prized subject in my artistic work, which is constantly evolving.

I ended up staying in France even after I finished my studies, but the world is big... My boyfriend at the time and me, we fell in love with Bali, where we had a lot of good times. It is the colors and the atmosphere of this tropical island that still inspire me a lot in my artistic work.

For the past few years, I have been sailing between Prague, which I always see in a new light thanks to the trips, and Bali.

Moods, travels, daylight, encounters, the sea, the dancing night ,,, all this and more are reflected in the photos and become the pages of my journal.


in the National Gallery in Prague and in private collections.


2020 Sixth Sense, French Institute, Prague

Pelmel, Galerie café Kamzík, Prague

2019 Appearance of my book "Sixth Sense" by KANT publishing house

Pelmel, Galerie café Kamzík, Prague

2018 Sixth Sense, Galerie Peron, Prague

2017 Bubáci na hrade, Zámek Kvasiny

2016 Další Rok, Zámek Kvasiny

Memento Tiziani, Galerie Orlovna, Kroměříž

Memento Tiziani, Galerie Orlovna, Uherské Hradište

2015 Zavěšeni, Zámek Kvasiny

2014 Female hysteria, Galerie Orlovna, Kroměříž

Summertime, Zámek Kvasiny

2012 Originální perspektivy, Galerie U Bílého jednorožce, Klatovy

2011 Female hysteria, Galerie Peron, Prague

2010 Female hysteria, Galerie Beseda, Ostrava

Female hysteria, Galerie Diamant, Prague

Letní koktejl, Galerie Michal's Collection, Prague

2009 First prize - 63e Salon des Artistes de l'Hurepoix, St Geneviève des Bois

2008 International Triennale of Contemporary Art - Re-Reading the Future - National Gallery, Prague

Self-portrait in the Czech art of the 20th and 21st century, Hluboká nad Vltavou

2007 Foire de la photo, Bièvre

2006 Festival International d'art singulier, Aubagne

2005 Festival Photobis, Paris

Galerie Daguerre, Paris

2004 First prize - Foire de la photo, Bièvre

2003 Salon d'art, Arpajon 

2000 Les monumentoiles pour la vie Allonnes Saint Etienne Auray Eveil paradoxal, Cahors

1999 Genèse, Chartres Salon du vitrail, Bourg-la-Reine


2005 Diploma Master of Visual Arts

2000 - 2005 Universite Paris I. P.-Sorbonne, URF D'Arts, Paris

License Diploma of Visual Arts

Diploma Deug 2nd Visual Arts

2000 Diploma DMA

1996 - 2000 Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Appliquest et des Metiersid'arts, Paris

1990  Střední uměleckoprůmyslové škola sklářská, Kamenický Šenov