Petra Simkova Art

©2019 Petra Simkova

Petra explores herself with the camera. She is her own model, and is fascinated by duplication of her own image. Her thinking and feelings mark her work with intensity and power which reflects herself more than her surrounding world. Petra replaces the stillness of classical photography with mysterious messages of transcendent dimensions. She is taken by magic of light which allows her to enter new spheres. Her images are emotionally charged, expressing fine nuances of femininity.


My World is a series of photo paintings which reflect Petra's daily experiences and inspirations. They are her diaries and contrast the Elusive Captive figurative creations.



2018    Sixth Sense, Galerie Peron, Praha

2017    Bubaci na hrade, Zamek Kvasiny

2016    Dalsi Rok, Zamek Kvasiny

            Memento Tiziani, Galerie Orlovna, Kromeriz

            Memento Tiziani, Galerie Orlovna, Uherske Hradiste

2015    Zaveseni, Zamek Kvasiny

2014    Female hysteria, Galerie Orlovna, Kromeriz

            Summertime, Zamek Kvasiny

2012    Originalni perspektivy, Galerie U Bileho jednorozce, Klatovy

2011    Female hysteria, Galerie Peron, Praha

2010    Female hysteria, Galerie Beseda, Ostrava

            Female hysteria, Galerie Diamant, Praha

            Letni koktejl, Galerie Michal's Collection, Praha

2009    First prize - 63e Salon des Artistes de l'Hurepoix, St Geneviève des Bois

2008    International Triennale of Contemporary Art - Re-Reading the Future - National Gallery, Prague

           Self-portrait in the Czech art of the 20th and 21st century, Hluboká nad Vltavou

2007    Foire de la photo, Bièvre

2006    Festival International d’art singulier, Aubagne

2005    Festival Photobis, Paris Galerie Daguerre, Paris

2004    First prize -  Foire de la photo, Bièvre

2003    Salon d’art, Arpajon Kamenicky Senov

2000    Les monumentoiles pour la vie Allonnes Saint Etienne Auray Eveil paradoxal, Cahors

1999    Genèse, Chartres Salon du vitrail, Bourg-la-Reine




2000 -  Universite Paris I. Pantheon-Sorbonne, URF D’Arts Plastiques § Sciences de l’Art

2005    Diploma Master of Visual Arts

           License Diploma of Visual Arts

           Diploma Deug 2nd Visual Arts


1996 -  Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Appliquest et des Metiersid’arts, Paris

2000    Diploma DMA


1990 -  Střední uměleckoprůmyslové školy sklářské v Kamenickém Šenově